SkiTrack brings you an (apres)ski sensation you have never seen before!
When using Skitrack it is not only possible to view back your height differences, but also the amount of kilometers you have skied, your speed, used ski lifts and the breaks you took. It is also possible to compare or analyse this data with your family members, friends or colleagues. Represent your country, or simply yourself, in the Top 100 of the chosen skiing area or in the global SkiTrack Ranking lists. Compare yourself with the users having the highest speed, the biggest endurance, traveling most ski lifts at a day and even the `Sportsmen and Women` who have been most of the daytime at one of the many restaurants in the area.
Now you have, together with your Skiline data, which is gathered when accessing a ski lift with your Skidata Keycard, the ultimate proof that you really have not been more time at one of the restaurants than at the slopes.
But not only `Apres`, also when skiing, SkiTrack is a sensation. Plan your ski trip with the intelligent SkiTrack routeplanner. This system has the most actual data about closed and open ski lifts, and slopes. You will not stand before a closed slope or skilift again. Furthermore the system has a build-in option to plan the route according to your capabilities. Too difficult slopes will be skipped.
Doing this kind of sports is making you thirsty and hungry, so go down fast to the nearest restaurant. Skitrack will immediately lead you to a location where you can enjoy the break you deserved.
Sure and secure... SkiTrack! SkiTrack also brings you many security-related functions such as tracing your ski-mates, family or friends. Check if all the students of your Ski-class are present, and get an up-to-date list of local emergency numbers.

The new generation in (apres-)ski sensation!